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Mar 27, 2020

This week we continue our belated celebration of Doctor Who’s 29th Anniversary with more clips from the Mandy Morton Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this time covering the BBC 2 repeats that were aired that year.


End Theme: Calling Dr Who by Rainmaker


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Mar 20, 2020

This week we start a series of five archive specials from BBC Radio Cambridge’s Mandy Morton show who did a week of programmes celebrating Doctor Who’s 29th anniversary. This time a bit about the origins of the show and interview with Doctor Who fans.


End Theme: Dr Who(Gypsy Guitar) by Thrip


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Mar 13, 2020

This week we mark the 42nd anniversary of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with coverage of a Douglas Adams themed walk of Islington hosted by David Haddock of ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.

You can see my photos of the walk here


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Mar 6, 2020

This week on the show some coverage of Science of the Time Lords 2020, with a panel featuring actors Paul McGann and David Bradley.  Apologizes for the somewhat confused ending to this week’s show, to clarify next week’s show should be HHGTTG themed.


End theme: Doctor Who(Gypsy Guitar version) by Thrip


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Mar 1, 2020

This week on the show we reach the Series 12 finale Doctor Who: The Timeless Children, The Master returns but will all the companions survive?


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