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Sep 11, 2015

Just over a week till Doctor Who returns as I type this but just enough time for a taster of this year’s Whooverville convention. As ever Stephen Hatcher and his team put together a fine event, this time with even more dealers than before so I can home with quite a few target books for the shelf. But as ever there was room for podcasters to talk to the guests I was joined by Jean of The Staggering Stories podcast to talk to Richard Marson(TV Producer and writer of The Life & Scandalous Times of JNT and Drama & Delight: The Life of Verity Lambert), Nicholas Pegg(Dalek Actor), and David Benson(Actor in Dr Who: Robot of Sherwood and Big Finish’s Iris Wildthyme series) with David Benson having recently played London Mayor Boris Johnson the conversion drifted from the BBC to Politics which certainly all three guests had a take on.


Also this week almost while we weren’t looking another trailer was released to promote Dr Who Series 9.


You can watch video of this panel here

and my photos of Whooverville 7 are here


End theme is Dr Who(Gypsy Guitar version) by Thrip


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